Our TeamFounding Team

Mr. Sajjad Shaikh

Mr. Sajjad Shaikh

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. 18+ years of diversified experience in Management of Sales, Project, Distribution, Employee, Prepaid Cards, Remittance, Financial inclusion, Payment gateway, Wallets, Profit Center Operation, Strategic Planning & Implementation, Key Accounts, Cash & Cost, Business Development, Client/Vendor, Team, Quality, Logistic & Inventory, Customer Acquisition, ‘KYC’ Compliance, Branding and Advertising, Promotional Activity.

Mr. Aniket Labde

Mr. Aniket Labde

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Results-driven project delivery management professional with proven track record in increasing quality, customer satisfaction and productivity. Decisive, energetic, focused team leader who leads high-performing teams through implementing changes and improvements. Creative thinker and analytical problem-solver with demonstrated ability to manage projects from Initiation through Completion under the pressure of fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.

Our TeamBusiness Team

Mr. Sunil Jaiswar

Mr. Sunil Jaiswar

Mr.Sajid Memon

Mr. Sajid Memon

Mr.Rajesh Chouhan

Mr. Rajesh Chouhan

Mr.Tushar Srivastava

Mr. Tushar Srivastava

Mr.Sunil Singh

Mr. Sunil Singh

Mr.Akhilesh Nayak

Mr. Akhilesh Nayak

Mr.Sunny Arora

Mr. Sunny Arora

Mr.Abhishek Dwivedi

Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi

Mr.Manish Santal

Mr. Manish Santal

Mr.Vishwajit Srivastava

Mr. Vishwajit Srivastava

Mr.Nikhil Wankhede

Mr. Nikhil Wankhede

Mr.Amit Kumar Khare

Mr. Amit Kumar Khare

Mr.Vikash Singh

Mr. Vikash Singh

Mr.Amitava Banerjee

Mr. Amitava Banerjee

Mr.Biltu Shah

Mr. Biltu Shah

Mr.Sanjoy Nath

Mr. Sanjoy Nath

Mr.Santanu Gayen

Mr. Santanu Gayen

Mr.Anil Gupta

Mr. Anil Gupta

Our TeamProduct & Operations

mangesh mane

Mr. Mangesh Mane

Late. Mr. Deepak Kadvadkar

Late. Mr. Deepak Kadvadkar


Mr. Sanket Dalvi

Nilesh parekh

Mr. Nilesh Parekh

Mrs.Shweta Jagtap

Mrs. Shweta Jagtap

vikas mhetre

Mr. Vikas Mhetre

Mr. Amaan Gadkari

Mr. Amaan Gadkari

Mr. Chandan Mourya

Mr. Chandan Mourya

Mr. Ashraf Mulla

Mr. Ashraf Mulla

Mrs. Pratibha Sanas

Mrs. Pratibha Sanas

Mr. Sanjay Bharawade

Mr. Sanjay Bharawade

Mr. Tushar Mandavkar

Mr. Tushar Mandavkar

Mr. Amjad Ahmed Shaikh

Mr. Amjad Ahmed Shaikh

Ms. Shahana Khan

Ms.Shahana Khan

Mr. Nadim Mulani

Mr.Nadim Mulani

Ms.Shaikh Salim

Mr.Shaikh Salim

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